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The Most Common Signs of a Sewer Line Problem

Are you having a problem with your plumbing? You might not know what’s wrong, but we’re here to help. Our experts at Mundin Plumbing have put together a list of ten warning signs of a sewer line problem that you need to look out for.

Sewer Line Red-Flags To Look For

Our Richmond sewer line repair team has seen it all, and we know exactly what to keep an eye open for when diagnosing plumbing issues. There are so many different ways to spot a sewage leak, and this list covers all of the main signs the average homeowner can catch. You might not be able to avoid every hurdle that comes your way, but you can at least be prepared to take action as soon as possible.

Slow Draining Water

If your pipes aren’t draining as fast as they usually do, the chances are that you have an obstruction in your pipe. This is often caused by sewage buildup in old pipes, but it can also be due to tree roots entering your sewage line. Having multiple slow draining lines throughout your entire house is a good indicator that the main sewage line is blocked. Household drain-cleaners won’t be able to handle it, but our Mundin Plumbing’s repair experts will easily be able to diagnose the situation.

Unexplained Water In Your Yard

Some sewage leaks appear as an unexplained puddle on your lawn. It might be something that you could completely overlook. A broken line can also create a water-filled cavity under your lawn. It’s a good idea to occasionally take a walk around your home during the week to catch this common red-flag before it turns into a sinkhole.

Sewage Backup

Have you ever experienced sewage coming out of a drain? This is a typical sign of a backed-up septic tank line. There are many reasons this can happen. The main cause of sewage backup is flushing trash down the toilet. You should never introduce any foreign objects that aren’t rated as septic tank safe.

Odor From Drains

Smelling a foul odor from your drainage system is typically the result of a blockage forming in your sewage lines. All of the waste isn’t making it completely through your line. Noticing this simple difference can save you costly repairs by remedying a small problem before it turns into a major issue.

Mold In Your Home

Mold forming on the inner walls of your home could be from a leaking drain pipe. A sewage line may slowly leech moisture through improperly fit joints. Older houses with outdated pipes may have worn-out connections that allow water to slowly creep through your drywall. It’s not as noticeable as a leaking water line, but visible moisture on the interior of your home might be a warning sign that your sewage lines need replacement.

Sinkholes On Your Property

Sinkholes don’t have to be gigantic to cause major damage to your home. There’s also no way of knowing exactly how large a sinkhole is under the ground. It could have started very far from where you see a noticeable indentation in the ground. This red-flag is a very serious safety hazard that should be addressed immediately by our Richmond Plumber experts before it causes potential damage to your home.

Foundational Problems

Sewage leaks can eventually cause structural damage to the foundation of your house. Look for cracks in brickwork, and pay attention to any cracks throughout the interior of your home. Uneven flooring due to foundational damages can cause doors to close unevenly, and it can cause the trim to separate from your walls. This is a very serious issue that can be due to several different factors, but breaks in sewage lines will erode the foundation of your home.

Pests In Your Home

If you’ve noticed an infestation of pests in your home, then they may be entering through an exposed sewage line. It’s common for rodents to enter a residence through the main sewage lines of large cities. Many insect infestations are thought to start from drainage systems. Our certified Richmond plumbers will be able to inspect your sewage line for flaws that allow these pesky critters to bother you.

A Patchy Lawn

Have you seen any particularly green patches in your lawn? It might be due to raw sewage leaking below the ground. Sewage works very similar to manure. Green grass isn’t always a good thing. You want to make sure that no harmful bacteria are being introduced into your yard. That’s especially true if you have any young children that might be exposed to it indirectly while playing outside. Our Richmond plumbing services will have your sewage lines working at their very best, and we’ll make sure that they are up to the high standards that meet your and our expectations.

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